Popcorn Words

When we are reading these words keep popping up!

These are high frequency words that make up at least 50% of what adults read. Many of these words cannot be “sounded out” or follow a predictable pattern. There are 12 words that make up approximately 25% of all reading. Learning these words in kindergarten can go a long way in helping the student feel like a reader and become one. Knowing these words empower their reading.
Please keep in mind that a student may need to see these words on 50-75 different occasions in order for them to be learned for instant recall.

Kindergarten Popcorn Words

the is I here
of on see come
and that like in
a he up my
to for go said
it was she you
went me


This is the list of words we will be focusing on in Kindergarten. We may add others if we happen upon a word we see a lot. Please use this list with Home Reading. Once a week or so pick a word from the list or one of the words we have formally looked at in class and try and find it in the Home Reading books or library books.

Games for Popcorn Words

1.     BANG!

How to play:


Place the pile of cards in the middle. The first player will draw a card, and call out the popcorn word. If the popcorn word is called out correctly this player can keep the card, and now it will be the next player’s turn (clockwise). Should the player not know the word the player will pass the card to the person to the left. This player now has the opportunity to call out the popcorn word. If they call it out correctly they can keep the card. If the card goes around to all players and no one knows it, place it in the discard pile. If you draw the BANG! card you lose all of your cards and they get placed in the discard pile.

The object of the game is to know your popcorn words, if you do you will have the most cards at the end of the game, that is of course if you manage not to draw the BANG card. Good Luck!


2.    Popcorn Word Run


-       space to run (10-20 feet)

-       bell (optional)


Lay all popcorn words on floor about 10-20 feet away from where you are going to sit. Have your child stand by you. Call out a popcorn word. The child runs to the words on the floor, finds the correct one and runs back to you. The bell is for added fun (for them), when they bring back the word they get to ring the bell! Keep calling popcorn words until you have gone through all of them.

*** If you would like another set of cards to play Memory and Go Fish let me know and I will send another set home!*****

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