Kindergarten Orientation 2018-19

Summary of the items shared at the September orientation

1.  The Kindergarten Year is set up in the following manner:

Monday to Thursday 8:40-12:00

Please check the calender for PD days, there is no school for students on these days.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Term 1 - October 17 & 18, 2018

October 18, 2018 No Kindergarten classes in attendance

Report Cards Home December 7, 2018

Term 2 - February 13 & 14, 2019

February 14, 2019 No Kindergarten classes in attendance

Report Cards Home March 29, 2019

Last Day – June 20th

2.  Bus Students: A buddy system will be established between responsible grade 4 & 5 students and the Kindergarten children. Kindergarten children will be escorted by their buddy to their entrance door.

3.  Arrival/Departure: Mrs. Chicilo and Mrs. Reimer will meet the children at their entrance at the 8:40 bell and escort them to the classroom. We ask that parents wait outside the doors when dropping off or picking up children (during inclement weather, all may move into the entrance).

3a. Please be on time: late children must be taken to the front office to check in; please do not knock on the classroom windows.  Thank you!

3b. Bus zone: Please do not park in the bus zone between 07:00 and 09:30.

3c. Dismissal time: students will again be brought to the entrance by their     teacher and delivered to parents/caregivers from there. Mrs. Chicilo and Mrs. Reimer will ensure all children are picked up by the correct caregiver.

4. Caregivers: if someone is picking up your child other than yourself (daycare, neighbour, friend), please send a note to your child’s teacher indicating who your child should be going home with.

5.  Snacks: are meant to be just that and not meals. Lunchables-type snacks are almost too much for most children to consume in a 10 minute time frame.   We are an “Allergy Aware” school as there are wide arrays of food allergies in the school. Being aware of the sensitivities of the children will make this a safe environment for all. Your classroom teacher will inform parents of any classroom allergies.

6.  Allergies/Medical issues: If your child has allergies or any other health related issue please ensure you notify the homeroom teacher and record it on the registration form.

7.  Indoor/outdoor shoes: Velcro/bungee-cord/slip on shoes are required.  Students will be putting on their shoes independently.

8.  Clothing: We are often making crafts; colouring and painting in kindergarten which can be messy work!  Please send your child to school in clothes that you can live with getting dirty or stained.   Also please remember to send appropriate cold-weather gear when winter hits.

9.  Backpacks: should be large enough to hold large books, “projects” and all manner of treasures.

10.  Article Identification: please print your child’s name on backpacks, shoes, coats, lunch boxes/bags and as many articles of clothing as is practical.

11. Extra Clothes: Due to unforeseeable incidents, please send a change of clothes with your child (in a plastic bag) each day.  Keep in their backpacks.

12.  Recess/Gym: the children must be prepared to go outside each day (unless the weather is inclement), so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

13.  Field Trips: parents will have the opportunity to assist on field trips. Students will be bussed on these trips, so at times seating for parents may be restricted.  We must also advise parents that due to Rocky View Schools policy, siblings are not allowed on these trips. *You must have a current criminal record and vulnerable sector check to participate in field trips.*

14.  Volunteering: parents are encouraged to make themselves available to volunteer in any way they can.  The classroom volunteer program will come into effect within the next few weeks, once Mrs. Chicilo and Mrs. Reimer have had a chance to bond with the children and establish routines.  Again, we ask that parents keep other siblings at home when volunteering in the school. Rocky View Schools has instituted a mandatory criminal records check for all volunteers.  “All RVS volunteers, as part of a classroom, school or system-wide program are required to submit a criminal record and vulnerable sector check.” Refer to policy GBCD for details. Please sign in at the office each time you visit the school.

15.  Birthday Celebrations: Birthdays are special occasions for young children. Although sending treats to school is not necessary we ask that if you would like to send something special to school with your child for their classmates that you do not send treats due to food allergies and dietary restrictions. Alternative ideas include stickers, pencils, bubbles, etc. While we would prefer invitations not be handed out at school (to prevent hurt feelings) the teachers will discreetly place invitations in children's agendas if needed.

16.  Confidentiality: Please remember when you visit or volunteer in the school, you must keep any information you hear regarding students and staff confidential. You cannot take this information out of the school.  If you have any concerns with what is happening in a classroom, you should discuss this with the school administration.

17. Washroom Use: For student safety, washrooms are for student use only. All adults/visitors are asked to use the staff washrooms located by the office.

18.  Kindergarten Curriculum Handbook: & Kindergarten at a Glance

19.  Report Cards: We are entering the fourth year of the Communication of Student Learning redesign. This is a new reporting process that we believe will be valuable to student learning and parent engagement in the learning process. For details on the new reporting process check out the RVS Parent Guide.

19a- Parent Portal:  Please sign up for parent portal so that you can access your childrens' information.

20.  Calendar: An interactive calendar is available on our school website as well as a year at a glance.

21.  School Website: Check out the Crossfield Elementary PLONE site for newsletters, school events and updates. Classroom teachers update their pages regularly The school facebook page provides updates on day to day events.

22. Principal's Newsletter: Watch for princpal's weekly newsletter "Whoo's News" which will come via email and archives can be found at this link:

23. Agenda: Agendas are used throughout the school including the kindergarten level. Students need to have and use their agenda for communication. All notices will be placed in this book to take home. Your child is responsible for taking their agenda home, showing it to you, and bringing it back each day. Please take a look through it, making sure to empty the pockets everyday and sign the agenda to indicate that you have read/received the information. The agenda is a way for you to communicate with the teacher. Please feel free to use the agenda to ask questions, give information (absences, appointments), or give comments or feedback.

24. Book Orders: Scholastic book orders will be sent home on a regular basis. They offer a wonderful opportunity to expand your child’s library and encourage early literacy skills. Placing an order is up to you and your child. If you decide to place an order, please fill out the form and send a cheque made out to Scholastic Book Club in a labelled envelope. Please do not send cash. Lost cash is almost impossible to retrieve.

25. Toys: Students are asked not to bring toys to school. While we do encourage the children to respect others’ belongings, accidents do happen. We have also found toys are a distraction. Should your child be very apprehensive about this new school experience, he/she may bring a small stuffed animal to be kept in their backpack for security.

26. RVS-EDS: The Rocky View Schools Early Developmental Screener (RVS-EDS) is a questionnaire, which allows you to share any strengths and concerns about your child that the teacher needs to be aware of. Your prompt completion of the RVS-EDS will greatly assist your teacher and the ECS Team in determining appropriate classroom programming and any supports that may be helpful and appropriate for the school year.  All kindergarten families will receive a letter in the mail with a link to complete this questionnaire online.

If you have any questions feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the office for information. Our students and their parents are a valued part of our school community and are encouraged to participate in our daily learning.

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