Grades 1 - 5 Music taught by Jacqui Kiernan!

Welcome to music at Crossfield Elementary School where the aim is to foster a love and appreciation of music in your children!


  • To develop an awareness of many kinds of music and many cultures, through listening, moving, singing, and playing instruments
  • To further develop the ability to read and sing, in tune, a large variety of songs
  • To use a large variety of instruments to develop the ability to hear and read music, to provide accompaniments to songs, and to use as a means to create original compositions
  • To develop self-expression and a response to music, as well as understanding of form, through creative movement and dance


All areas will be covered in an integrated program throughout the year

The following areas will be emphasized in different months

  1. listening, moving, singing, unpitched percussion instruments(Sept. 2– Nov.10)
  2. Thanksgiving Songs and activities (Oct. 1- 8)
  3. Halloween Songs and Activities (Oct. 26-30)
  4. Remembrance Day Songs (Oct. 19 - Nov. 10)
  5. Christmas Concert (Nov. 2 – Dec. 17)
  6. reading and writing, singing, dance (Jan. 4 – March 18)
  7. St. Patrick’s Day Songs and dance(March 14-17)
  8. toned instruments –recorders grades4+5, xylophones and boomwhackers grades 2+3 (March 21 – May 27)
  9. Easter Songs and activities (March 29 - April 8)
  10. creating music (May 30 – June 17)
  11. culmination with favourite activities from throughout the year (June 20 - June 28)
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