Learning Support


Learning Support's aim is to provide a learning environment that includes success for ALL learners.  The focus is on meeting as many students’ needs as possible each day.

Learning supports at Crossfield includes the Early Literacy teacher, Administration, CDA and Learning Support Assistants. Generally working as a resource for the classroom teacher, the Learning Support Team provides support in the regular classroom, in small group or one-on-one outside the regular classroom.  This is done through assessment and programming for individual students.

At Crossfield Elementary School we embrace and work towards inclusive education for all learners. Teachers strive to meet the needs of students by adapting teaching strategies in the classroom setting that align with 21st Century learning attributes to support learners in reaching their full potential.

Crossfield Elementary School is finding ways to collaborate with and support classroom teachers to best meet the diverse needs of all learners.  That being said, this does not mean that all children are in the classroom at all times. We recognize that occasionally small group or individual instruction is necessary to meet student needs.  As the Learning Support team, we are committed to working with all staff members to provide the opportunity for all students to have their individual needs met in an inclusive environment.

Learning support is in addition to classroom programming. Learning support teachers are available for consultation and programming assistance upon teacher's request. We work hard to communicate with classroom teachers on a regular basis to ensure support is consistent and tailored to each students needs. Parents are welcome to contact any teacher on the learning support team, regarding their child's individual needs.

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