November Grade 2 News 2015

The snow is falling and we are looking forward to some winter activities in the coming month!

This month we will be focusing on writing letters in Language Arts.  We will also be discussing the sacrifice our soldiers have made for us and we encourage you to join us at WG Murdoch for our Remembrance Day ceremony.  In Social Studies we will be learning about people and cultures.

With the weather becoming colder we will be beginning our Science unit on temperature.

Understanding numbers to 100 and basic fact recall and it’s application continue to be a focus in our Mathematics program.  You can assist you child at home with math facts by using flash cards.

We are looking forward to the Christmas Production again this year!!  Soon we will be casting the grade two’s for acting parts. Again, we will be asking for your support with costume accessories from home.

Thank you for your ongoing support!!

Yours In Education,

The Grade Two Teachers

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