Grade 3 Homework Policies

20 minutes of Home Reading every night

*Homework should take no more than 30 minutes MAXIMUM per night! If students have more than that, we need to know! Please write a note in the agenda or call your child’s teacher at the school, in the morning, at 946-5696.

Grade 3 Curriculum

Language Arts:

Students will listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent to…

  • Explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences
  • Understand and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media text
  • Manage ideas and information
  • Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication
  • Support and collaborate with others.


Five areas will be used to solve problems and reason mathematically:

  • Number concepts (whole numbers up to 1000, fractions 1/5, 1/10)and number operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Patterns and relations (numerical and non-numerical)
  • Shape and Space (measurement, 3-D and 2-D objects)
  • Statistics and probability (collect and interpret a variety of data)


Grade 3 students will investigate life in four diverse communities around the world: India, Tunisia, Ukraine and Peru.


The five units of study will be:

  • Rocks and minerals
  • Building with a variety of materials
  • Testing material and designs
  • Hearing and sound
  • Animal Life Cycles

As a division, Grade 3, 4 & 5 teachers have adopted a common writing tool. Every student in these grades will be talking about writing using the same language! From class to class and year to year, the teachers and students will be able to track writing progress as the students grow and improve! This is a very powerful idea!

The Writing tool is based around the 6 Traits of strong writers:

  • Ideas – the meaning and development of the message
  • Organization – the internal structure of the piece
  • Voice – the way the writer brings the topic to life
  • Word Choice – the specific vocabulary the writer uses to convey meaning
  • Sentence Fluency – the way the words and phrases flow throughout the text
  • Conventions – the mechanical correctness of the piece

Classroom Overall Curriculum

Grade 3 My Child's Learning

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