November 2015 Grade 3 News

October has flown by.  Preparations for Remembrance Day are in full swing with our choir students practicing for the assembly.  The grade threes have been very busy. 0In L.A., Daily Five activities in 3P have included A Toad for Tuesday and The Wizard of Oz and working on their writing skills.  3H is sharing Chronicles of Narnia and completing Daily Five activities.  Remember to spend some time on the site at home please.   In Math, both classes will continue exploring addition and subtraction strategies, problem solving and building number sense up to one thousand.  Hearing and sound is being wrapped up in Science with our building unit about to begin.   Both classes will have completed a mapping unit in Social and will begin to explore the various aspects of the countries we are studying in Social Studies looking at quality of life, environment, traditions and culture, goods and services, and working together. These strands will continue to be a focus throughout the year. Look forward to our first term report cards, which will be coming home on November 26th.

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