January/February 2016 Grade 3 News

Happy New Year!  We hope that your holidays were filled with family, friends and fun!  The students and teachers are reenergized and we are set to continue the work we began in the fall.  In Science, the grade threes will be asked to become engineers, testing and building with many kinds of materials.  We will learn to design a fair test and using these tests, discover the materials and the engineering laws that will help us to build strong bridges and buildings.  In Social, we continue to explore our four countries; Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine and India, each with it's own unique culture and geography.  We will learn about the differences that make each of these countries special and the similarities to each other and to our great country, that connect us!  Both grade three classes will be starting a Knights and Castles unit this month!  For the first time this year, both 3P and 3H will be reading the same book at the same time.  This research-based unit will give the students the opportunity to investigate life in the time of King Arthur and Lady Guinevere.  We will continue to move forward in our math units, continuing to strengthen our basic skills in addition and subtraction and introducing multiplication  We look forward to a very productive month in grade three.  Welcome to 2016!!!

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