September & October 2015 Grade 3 News

Our grade 3 students are off to a fantastic start this year.  As a group, these children are enthusiastic and energetic learners.  We are set to enjoy a great year!

The Terry Fox Run at school was a great success.   It was truly impressive to see all those young people banded together in support of a cause that has touched so many in our community and in our individual lives.

In math the students are studying measurement and numeracy.  This first unit sets up skills that the students will use in math for the rest of the year and throughout their school experience.  The grade 3s are beginning to attach meaning to the math basic facts.  Making math meaningful is the key to understanding how numbers are related and the patterns that help us to become strong math learners.

Our literacy program is in full swing as the students of grade three enjoy our home reading libraries and the CES school library.  Mr. Rodgers is sharing a story with the students in Library.   In class, the grade threes, are sharing a class novel.  Ask your child what we are reading and if they are enjoying the story!

October looks to be a busy month with our upcoming interviews, Fire prevention week and Thanksgiving starting us off.  As fall begins, we are ready to dive into the next month of learning in grade 3.

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