September - October 2015 Grade 5 News

Welcome to grade 5 and a special welcome to new students!  Students and teachers are working together to develop strong, nurturing relationships within our classroom and school community.  Physical activity, healthy nutrition and positive social/emotional learning spaces are at the fore front in our classrooms again this school year. The grade 5 students will demonstrate personal responsibility, organizational skills, cooperation and collaboration \through a variety of leadership opportunities.  Development of these skills will enhance their success not only in the classroom and school but also within the community of Crossfield.  Opportunities of service include but are not limited to: delivery and collection/recycling of milk, AMA patrolling, Breakfast for Learning, Cool to Be Kind Campaign and buddy activities with our grade 2 classes.  In addition, the grade 5’s have been learning about Terry Fox and his determination to find a cure for cancer. We have raised, collected and counted money for the Terry Fox Foundation. CES will be holding their Terry Fox Run on September 30.

Academically, grade 5’s are fully immersed in their various units of study.  In Math the students are working with Whole Numbers and gaining an understanding of how to represent and describe numbers to 1 000 000 using a variety of estimation strategies. We are reading aloud the chapter book Origami Yoda in Language Arts, and focussing on word-choice in poetry and suffix rules in spelling. How I became a Pirate will be our first 6 Trait writing project.  In Science, students are exploring Classroom Chemistry and states of matter.  The geography of Canada is our focus in Social Studies including bodies of water and landforms.   Students are nearly completed their self- portraits in art and they are AMAZING!!  We have been enjoying cooperative games, team building and cardio warm ups in gym.

The Young Actor’s Project visited our Grade 5 classrooms this month. Our students LOVED the workshops and opportunity to be creative and express themselves in front of their classmates. The project empowered the students with self-confidence and it was a wonderful way to communicate characters, feelings and stories through their imagination.

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