September - October 2014 Grade 5 News

Welcome to grade 5! Students and teachers have begun working together to develop a strong nurturing classroom and school community.  This year the grade 5 students will demonstrate responsibility, organizational skills and their ability to work as a team through a variety of leadership opportunities.  These skills will ensure they find success not only in the classroom and school but also within the community of Crossfield.

As a part of the grade five duties here at Crossfield, the grade five students have begun delivering and selling milk as well as rinsing and counting the milk containers as a fundraiser. The students will be trained this month in AMA Patrolling and will begin helping all Crossfield students and families cross our roads safely very soon. At the beginning of October, the grade fives will be trained in “Helping in Emergency Situations”. The students will gain basic skills to help others when accidents happen.

The grade 5’s will be running each day to prepare for our Terry Fox Run and to help build our fitness. We will begin learning more about Terry Fox and his determination to find a cure for cancer. We will raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation and motivate other students each day through the morning announcements sharing Terry Fox’s story. CES will hold their Terry Fox Run on September 24.

Academically this month the students have started many new units of learning. In Math the grade fives have started their Whole Numbers unit. They are learning how to represent and describe numbers to 1 000 000 and are using a variety of estimation strategies. In Science, the students have started Chemistry and in Social Studies they have began studying the geography of Canada. In art, the students have begun their self-portraits and will soon begin their artist study of Ted Harrison and finish their Square One Art masterpieces. The grade fives have been off to a wonderful start this school year!

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