Kindergarten Registration

Please note:  A copy of the child's birth certivicate is mandatory.

A note for all families with children who will be starting kindergarten next year:  registration will commence the 16th of January.  This year we will not be doing a "first come, first served" system but insead will do a lottery to determine precedence for choice of AM or PM programming (only if needed, this year we did not tun afternoon program).  All families will draw a number form 1-100 and once reistration is closed, the school will draw one number which will act as the starting point for registration priority.  So, if the school draws the number '32' then whoever had number 32 will get first choice, then number 33 and so on.  Further information on this process is available by calling the office at 403-946-5696 or coming into the school.

Our placement draw will be made January 30, 2017.

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