Allergy Policy

Crossfield Elementary is an "Allergy Aware" school. Each classroom is clearly marked with food sensitivities and/or anaphylactic causing allergens. Being allergy aware means that we take precautions to reduce the chance of exposure for students to allergens acknowledging that it is impossible to eliminate all risk.

In classrooms marked as “Allergy Aware” the food is allowed in the classroom. Due to sensitivities, sharing or exchanging of foods is not permitted.

In classrooms marked with a red “Allergy Alert” bar, these foods are NOT permitted in the classroom due to the risk of anaphylactic shock. These foods can be in the school but can not be brought into the labelled classrooms. Hand washing is encouraged to ensure allergens are not spread throughout the school. To reduce the risk of anaphylactic shock, by coming into contact with an allergen, food is not allowed on the playground.

If an “Allergy Alert” sign is posted outside your child’s classroom, please consult the teacher before sending treats for the class.

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