CES Procedures & Expectations

Did you ever wonder:

Who makes them? Rules and expectations come from two areas; RVS/Alberta Education and the CES staff.

Why do we have them? Rules and expectations are created to ensure a safe and caring environment for our students and to maintain the integrity of the learning environment.

How do we decide which expectations to set? If a concern arises from several staff, parents and/or students the issue is brought forward for discussion. As a staff we discuss the situation, commonalities and overall concern. We then decide on what the expectation will be and how we will ensure it is recognized by staff and students.

When do they get changed? If it is no longer an issue (ie equipment or item causing concern is removed) staff discuss the situation again and decide if the rule or expectation is no longer necessary. At that time it is no longer monitored. If it isn’t working as originally planned the expectation can be tweaked.

Hallway Manners: Single file, Second tile, with a Smile. Respect the hallway as a learning environment.

Hats & Gum: At teacher’s discretion. Remind students to spit gum out before going outside for recess or to the gym or music.

Electronic Devices allowed: Divisional policy is that Rocky View encourages the use of digital devices in the school. The school is not liable for any lost, damaged or stolen devices. Electronic devices are not to be taken on the playground due to risk of damge. Students MUST have signed the “RVS Responsible Use Agreement” and the “CES Digital Citizenship” forms in order to bring in personal devices or use school technology.

Personal Items/Toys at School: Teacher’s can decide if “toys” are appropriate for their learning environment (reading stuffy, fidget toy etc). Toys are NOT to go out to the playground as this seems to cause peer issues. The school is not liable for any lost, damaged or stolen items. Sporting equipment (balls, skipping ropes etc) are at teacher/supervisor’s discretion. No sticks (hockey/lacrosse), no hard balls (baseball) or “wheeled” items at recess. These items can be used at teacher discretion for a class activity with direct teacher supervision.

Clothing: “Appropriate” is at staff discretion with Administration’s support. This is a complicated issue and is used as a “teachable moment” not a disciplinary item. General expectation is “work appropriate”. Discourage “skimpy” clothing, clothing with alcohol or tobacco labels, clothing with negative/derogative sayings etc. Weather appropriate clothing: Basic expectation “You wear what you brought. If your parent sent it, you need to wear it. ”


- Encourage and include others to join your games

- Play gently as not everyone is comfortable with rough housing games

- Share the equipment and remember to bring it back in after recess

- Playground climbing apparatus is designed to always have a hand-hold. This means you should never be on top of the highest bar.

- Hang upside down on equipment that is no higher than your shoulder. This ensures if you fall you can catch yourself with your hands saving neck and head injuries.

- Sticks, snowballs, rocks etc are not safe toys for throwing. Use them to build and create.

- Cleaning up garbage is appreciated but please do so safely. Plastic gloves are available at the office. If the item is sharp, broken or dangerous ask a supervisor for help.

Changing After School Plans: Students should always go home or to their designated location after school. Changes to those plans need to be made by the parent. Students are not to “arrange” play dates at the school. These should be done at home with the parent’s knowledge and input. Phone calls are to be made at the teacher’s discretion from classroom phone.

Junk Food: We encourage healthy snacks and lunches. Only water at snack time.

Lunch Room Procedures:


- Wash hands, gather lunch and sit at your desk

- Line up at the door with your milk card if you are buying milk

- Eat your lunch (healthy items first) and visit quietly with the classmates nearest to you

- If you finish eating entertain yourself with items in your desk (read, draw, doodle), visit quietly with your classmates nearest to you and remain at your desk until the bell rings

*Grade 4 & 5 students may put their lunches away and work on projects if done early.

*Spills can be cleaned up, bathroom breaks & water breaks are permitted.

*Ask the supervisor if you need assistance.


- Clean up and throw garbage away

- Put lunch kit back in your school bag

- Get dressed for outside

- Stand or sit at your clean desk

- Supervisor dismisses classes when they are ready and tidy NOT bell

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