Q&A about School Council

Did you know that by having a child in our school you are automatically a Crossfield Elementary School Council member?


Did you know that when you volunteer at our school you are doing so as a School Council member?


Did you know that your School Council is the perfect venue to learn about the things we are doing at school, ask questions about programs and share your ideas and suggestions for making our school an even better place to be?


Did you know that there are only 4 elected positions on School Council; Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary & Treasurer and that we have one designated position of Volunteer Coordinator?


Did you know that every parent is welcome at every School Council meeting?


Did you know that we have staff members and students present at meetings, we invite “experts” to discuss trends in education and that our Trustee, Norma Lang attends all meetings?


Did you know that we appreciate your suggestions, your feedback, your ideas and your engagement and welcome your participation at Crossfield Elementary in your role of parent & School Council member?


Did you know that we want to hear your ideas for School Council meetings? If you have suggestions for what you would like to see occurring at School Council meetings, ideas for speakers and ideas for topics contact Tianna Altawil - School Council Chair, Julianne Harvey - School Council Vice-Chair, Paul Gardener – Treasurer, Mandi Tilleman - Volunteer Coordinator, Trustee Norma Lang - Ward 1, Tammy Dikeman – Principal, Barry Anderson - Assistant Principal.

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