What Did I Sign/Read? Forms For Grades 1-5

Every year there is a blizzard of paperwork that is sent home and parents are asked to fill out, complete and sign. We would like to take a few moments to briefly explain what is in each form, why it is important and what it means when your sign it.

What Did I Sign/Read?

Every year there is a blizzard of paperwork that is sent home and parents are asked to fill out, complete, and sign. We would like to take a few moments to briefly explain what is in each form, why it is important, and what it means when you sign it.

Lunchroom Program at Crossfield/Milk Program

Students who live within the Town of Crossfield have the choice of going home for lunch or staying and eating lunch at school. There is a small fee for students who reside within the Town of Crossfield who choose to stay at school to eat their lunch.  CES does offer a lunchtime milk program. Parents/students may purchase milk daily, or as a packet of 13 tickets online at: https://rockyview.schoolcashonline.com/ .  Please note the school does not provide cutlery nor the use of microwaves.

Hot Lunch Days

Crossfield Elementary School offers a number of Hot Lunch days throughout the school year. Please complete this form to order your student hot lunches for the year. Please use a separate form for each child/student. The Hot Lunch order can be paid online at: https://rockyview.schoolcashonline.com/.

Annual Field Trip Authorization

Crossfield Elementary School and RVS must have parent/guardian consent to take CES students off of our school grounds. Before students are permitted to attend field trips or attend special events they must have this form completed and signed. The backside of this form is for emergency medical information and an emergency contact person. Whenever students leave our grounds for a field trip or special events teachers need to have access to this emergency information.

Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector Check Application

Rocky View Schools is requiring all volunteers to have a criminal record and vulnerable sector check completed before they will be permitted to volunteer in the classroom or supervise students. This record check can be completed at the nearest detachment of the RCMP and is free of charge for parents and adults volunteering in a school. A completed record check is valid in RVS for five years.  If you have submitted a Criminal Records Check you will be asked to sign an “Annual Statutory Declaration” form.

Consent for Public Use of Student Images/Work

There are instances in schools when it is desirable to use digital or news media to showcase student/school achievement and projects, including the publishing of a student’s name, photographs, videos, interviews, or other work and activities.  In order to publicly display and publish the above noted items created by or involving your student on the internet or through other media in any form, consent is required from the parents/guardians.

Responsible Use of Technology Agreement – Student

This agreement shall be executed upon commencement of enrollment, and reaffirmed each September as required by Technology Services. All users shall adhere to the following standards of responsible use when accessing RVS’ IT Resources on a RVS-owned or personal electronic device for educational purposes.  Inappropriate use will result in disciplinary action.

Consent for Use of Non-Supported RVS Technologies

Rocky View Schools has developed a process for accepting or rejecting digital tools for use of students in carrying on and enhancing their studies.  Once accepted it is desirable that students have access to all such digital tools in order to maximize their learning opportunities.  Consent is required from the parent/guardian.

Volunteer Information & Registration

Crossfield Elementary School is proud of our relationship with the many volunteers that are in our school every day.  We welcome you and your family to join in the rewarding experience of volunteering.

Whoo’s Crew

Parent run Fundraising Society that brings over $20,000+ in additional funds to our School each year.  Whoo’s Crew can’t exist without your help.  Please see where you are able to assist.  An opportunity to be an extra part of our school and meet others.

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