What to bring for Kindergarten:

As you begin to think about Kindergarten and what you may need to acquire for your child, we wanted to share with you a couple of things that we have learned from experience over the years.
  1. Backpacks- small backpacks are cute and light for your child to carry, but may not serve their needs well.  They will need a backpack that can easily hold an agenda, a lunch kit, a library book (some are quite large), projects/activities they have worked on and a change of clothing for accidents.  Children can become easily frustrated when they cannot fit everything into their backpacks.  No wheeled options please as they are difficult to manage in both the class and entryways.


  1. Shoes- although there are very cute shoes out there that your child may want for school (ballet flats, heels, sandals, flip flops), they do not serve them well for gym classes.  The best shoes for school are runners with good grips.  When attaining shoes for school, consider how easy or difficult they will be to put on independently.  Lace ups are strongly discouraged as many cannot tie yet or cannot tie them quickly.  We have even triple knotted them and they still undo.  Shoes that have Velcro or bungee cords are great as well as a good fitting slip on runner.
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For a sneak peek of the Kindergarten room please click on the link below:

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