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Our library exists to provide its users with exemplary service for their information and literary needs.  The library extends beyond the physical space that it occupies.  It is not only a place to gather books and other resources, but also a place to gather ideas and knowledge.  Our school champions the love of reading.  Our library is a place that students, parents, and staff can come to enhance that love.

Reading equals learning. Children need to be given the gift of reading and shown how to use this gift to promote a lifelong love of reading.

Libraries are no longer confined to four walls.  Our children need to be aware that the world of the library expands to the World Wide Web, and other electronic resources that can be accessed through the use of computers in the library.

The library collection is developed first and foremost to support the school's curriculum, as well as the literary needs of the students, and the professional needs of our teachers and staff.

The school library may be the only library that our students have access to in their early years.  It forms a profoundly important part of their academic future.

The library is a powerful source of information .  We encourage our students to use the library to its fullest potential.  Our students need to learn to become lifelong information seekers and lovers of reading.

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