Home Reading Program

Parental Involvement with the Home Reading Program

Reading at home strengthens a child's ability for life

The launch of Crossfield Elementary School’s Home Reading Program is exciting.  Imagine thousands of new books for your child to read and explore.  The school's purpose is to build a community of students who excel in reading.  The natural spin off of being a voracious and excellent reader is a person who is successful in school, the workplace, and  life in general.

As a parent, you play a critical role in this plan.  If you share the school’s vision of building a community of readers, then the following will be agreeable to you.

  • Your child, our student, will need a quiet, dedicated place at home to read.
  • Students must be encouraged to read at home.
  • You can help them develop a love of reading by routinely reading to them.
  • Highlighting in the home, the importance of books.
  • Buying books for presents.
  • Model reading yourself, by reading a book or the newspaper.

The Home Reading Program’s success will hinge on parents willingness to devote time and energy to the importance of reading with their child.

As professionals, the staff of Crossfield Elementary will work unwaveringly to teach the art of reading to your child.  To increase the depth of your child’s ability, we ask for your support and cooperation in the Home Reading Program.

Remember – “Learning to Read is our Focus, Loving to Read is our Goal”.

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