Lunch Program


Procedures for stay at school students:

  • Students may choose to stay at school during the lunch hour
  • Students eat in their homerooms
  • Eating time is Gr 1-3 at 12:00-12:25 and Gr 4&5 12:25-12:50
  • Lunch recess Gr 1-3 at 12:25-12:50 and Gr 4&5 12:00-12:25 students go outside for recess
  • Friday Lunches are the same
  • Should they need to enter for injury, clothing or washroom breaks they must seek permission from a supervisor
Procedures for students who go home for lunch:
  • Students going home for lunch leave the school after gaining parent permission and checking out at the office
  • For safety we ask that all students go directly home and that an adult be home to greet them

NOTE: Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds without written permission or a phone call to a staff member from their parents.


  • Each wing of the school has a lunch supervisor circulating through the classrooms.
  • An additional staff member is circulating throughout the school.
  • Staff members are on duty at all recesses. They wear bright orange vests making them easily identifiable to students.


  • Each classroom is labeled with allergy alert signs. Please be aware of the food sensitivities of your child's classmates when sending food items.
  • An "allergy aware" sign indicates these foods can not be shared by classmates.
  • If there is an anaphylactic allergy through touch and/or smell a red "alert" notice is posted on the "allergy aware" sign.
  • If you are ever in doubt please question the classroom teacher or ask at the office. The safety of our students is always our priority.
  • View our allergy policy here.


  • We welcome parent volunteers in our school. If you wish to volunteer please contact the office. Caring adults in our school create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our students.
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