The Terry Fox Foundation - Run

September 24, 2020 Please click on the link for details. Donations can be brought to class or directly to the organization (see the website provided).

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope and both Crossfield Elementary School and WG. Murdoch will be participating again this year, albeit with some changes from years past.

On Thursday September 24th, each of our classes will individually do a Terry Fox run over the course of the day.  The classes will run as a class group and the times will be staggered over the day to ensure social distancing within each Cohort.  Our goal this year is to raise 2$ for each student and staff member with a "Toonie for Terry" drive.

Students can bring coins to the school which they can drop into a classroom bucket which will then be centrally collected by a staff member at the end of each day.  Alternatively, families can make a donation directly to the Terry Fox foundation over the internet.   Donations can be brought to class or made directly to the Terry Fox Foundation. Please choose CES as the donation school-Terry Fox School Run; Find a School to Donate to and choose CES.

All the funds collected at the school will be sanitized and quarantined for a week before being counted, deposited, and then sent to the Terry Fox Foundation.  Thank you in advance for supporting this cause!

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