Whoo's Crew Parent Society Members

We are excited to announce our Whoos Crew Parents Society Board Members for the 2020 – 2021 School Year and are elated to announce that we have grown in volunteer numbers and have many new faces!

Thank you Whoo's Crew Members for all you do!

President : Jennifer Fletcher (president.whooscrew@gmail.com)

Vice President : Lauren Cutress (vp.whooscrew@gmail.com )

Secretary: Jacqulyn Hale (secretary.whooscrew@gmail.com)

Treasurer: Nicole Vandenberghe (treasurer.whooscrew@gmail.com)

Marketing & Promotions: Lindsay Sinclair (marketing.whooscrew@gmail.com)

Casino Manager: Lindsey Stecyk (casino.whooscrew@gmail.com)

Volunteer Coordinator: Kristy Thiessen (volunteer.whooscrew@gmail.com)


Whoos Crew Volunteer: Sadie RopponenW

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